Our Foundation

Our Foundation was born from passion and the belief that every one of us has a talent. It is just that sometimes it remains undiscovered. This is why the goal of our everyday work is to make it easier for young people to achieve a good start into their future. We have already supported over 10,000 individuals.



Our Team
Anna Korzeniewska
Founder, CEO
Anna is a founder of Talent Development Foundation and Social Impact Alliance for Central & Eastern Europe (https://ceeimpact.org/). Anna is a graduate of the City University of New York (BA) and Nottingham Trent University (Executive MBA). She was the first Pole to receive a post-graduate Professional Certificate in Fundraising at New York University (NYU). Having begun her career in business, she now works across sectors, developing partnerships with companies, colleges, business environment institutions, and government agencies. Anna values quality and partnership. She has a keen interest in people who are ambitious and feel like putting in work to realize their goals. Her main responsibilities in the Foundation include management, program development and fundraising.
Joanna Ossowska-Rodziewicz
Chair of the Council
Joanna is a graduate of the Poznań University of Technology and WSB University in Poznań. In 2008 she earned her doctorate from the Warsaw School of Economics (SGH), and in 2015 she completed Executive MBA studies organized by the Aalto University School of Business in Helsinki and the WSB University in Poznań. She has been working on broadly defined business development and marketing at companies operating on international markets. Since 2011 she has been a co-owner of FIBARO, where she is responsible for strategic marketing. At work Asia values dynamism, creativity, and openness to change. Privately, she is a mom of two daughters, an admirer of surrealist art, and a fan of Wooden Allen movies.
Agnieszka Marcinczyk
Council Member
Agnieszka specializes in product and project management. She has several years of experience in managing implementation processes (she worked for companies in the furniture and home appliance industries). She carries out projects for businesses independently or in cooperation with institutions specializing in design. She is a representative of the Berlin International Design Center (Internationales Design Zentrum, IDZ) in Poland. She completed post-graduate Design Management studies. Agnieszka enjoys working with passionate and open-minded people, from whom she can learn and draw inspiration. She likes to work on projects that are important. Which is why she is glad to participate in the Foundation’s endeavors.
Anna Dyl
Anna has been working with the Foundation since 2010, both as an administrator/manager and a coach. She completed her economics studies at the Poznań University of Economics and Business. She has experience in business and is an independent entrepreneur. She is a coach and a practitioner of human resources management. She has experience in carrying out both commercial and EU projects. Her work ethics include a strong sense of fair play. A standard-bearer for change, she enjoys a challenge and perceives difficulties as opportunities to grow. Her main tasks at the Foundation include the supervision of program content and staff as well as coordination of projects.
Justyna Bak
Justyna has been cooperating with our Foundation since 2007. She is a pedagogue, career counselor, effective learning coach and academic lecturer who works with children, teenagers, parents and teachers in the form of group activities and individual consultations. She is an educational and development consultant. She trains trainers and teachers to work with groups. She’s a methodologist who constructs educational and training programs.
Sławomir Szymczak
Slawomir is a professional career counselor, main specialist at the Educational Research Institute (Instytut Badan Edukacyjnych) in Warsaw, a graduate of the University of Adam Mickiewicz in Poznan (UAM), Poznan School of Banking (WSB) and ICAN Institute. He has worked in managerial positions in education; he has created dozens of educational and care facilities; he has coordinated many educational, research and vocational activation projects; he is experienced in fundraising in the area of education, evaluation and implementation of social projects (also international). At the Foundation, in cooperation with Justyna Bąk, Sławek develops the area of strategic career counseling.
Aleksandra Sieradzka
Communication, Recruitment
Aleksandra began working at our Foundation as a volunteer in 2012, while still a student. In the meantime she worked in recruitment, HR, and training for companies such as Adecco or Randstad. She joined the Foundation on a permanent basis in 2014. Ola graduated in Engineering Management from the Poznań University of Technology. At the Foundation she manages communication processes addressed to the recipients of our programs (mostly students) as well as schools and colleges. She makes sure that the process of communication is constantly being improved and up-to-date with the current market trends.