For Pupils


If you are reading this, you are probably a pupil or a parent of one. To make navigating this site easier, we divided the information on what we can do for you or your child according to education levels:

  1. youngest children / kindergarten;
  2. primary and middle school;
  3. vocational and technical schools.

If you are at least 4 years old and speak Polish or English, you can benefit from our workshops, which will teach you, in a fairytale way, that only through mutual acceptance, cooperation, and communication can we achieve success in various current and future endeavors. During the classes, you will meet our experienced psychologists or career counselors. Don’t worry about the quality. We have been trusted by many children and their parents as well as the Education Office.

Ask your pre-school teachers for details about our workshops.


You are now (or soon will be) standing before an important decision – the choice of your future school. Not so simple, is it? “I don’t know which school to choose”, “I don’t get how the admission process works”. We come across statements like this in our work all the time. A lot of people share your problems.

If your school is one of our partners, we will soon meet during developmental classes; after all, we work with 500 pupils in your age group each year. You won’t have to stay after school because our classes take place during school hours. We guarantee that the meeting, during which we will evaluate your aptitudes and show you how you can further your education, will help you make informed choices.

If you still have some years to go before changing schools, we will increase your competency using workshops and training sessions. Ask your school for details about our workshops.


Are you wondering whether you chose the right profile or vocation? Whether to continue your education or enter the job market? Or maybe both? Tackle these questions during the meetings organized at your school or during free workshops taking place at our partner companies. One thing is certain – our meetings will enable you to find many answers. Sometimes they may lead to the conclusion that a given industry or vocation is not for you, but don’t worry – this is also valuable information.

If you are already planning to enter the job market, check out the offers on our recruitment portal.

If you are in one of the company-sponsored classes, you may be eligible for a scholarship. Ask your school whether the Scholarship Fund for Talents is available there.