For Schools


Our Foundation works jointly with several dozen colleges and schools (primary, middle, and high schools) from across Poland. The goal of this cooperation is to:

  1. develop pupils and students with regard to both soft and hard skills, primarily through workshops and training sessions;
  2. introduce young people into the job market, e.g., by organizing internship and volunteer programs and aiding them in securing their first job;
  3. develop teachers through training provided by our staff and in cooperation with companies;
  4. increase the quality of education services and strengthen their integration with the job market, e.g., by creating company-sponsored classes, introducing changes into the curriculum, and promoting research;
  5. support the development of personal-vocational training at all education levels, in particular by introducing career guidance into schools and organizing post-graduate studies for vocational advisors.

Our cooperation with colleges mostly consists in:

  1. Assessment. For years we have examined students with regard to their soft skills, industry, analytical skills, and linguistic ability. Colleges across the country have been making use of our know-how to prepare and carry out dozens of projects.
  1. Development. We aid colleges in developing the staff as well as the students. We provide training to lecturers, career counselors, and student organizations. Our offer for students includes a wide range of developmental workshops, usually organized in cooperation with businesses. The goal is to provide students with access to tools that are indispensable on the job market.
  1. Recruitment. We provide internship, training, and volunteering programs as well as secure first jobs for the most gifted and motivated students. It is worth noting that over 70% of students admitted to internships receive job offers after their completion.

Since 2008 we have been connecting vocational and technical schools with businesses. Several dozen employers and schools have already joined our nationwide program. We are convinced that our joint actions will allow students to become more attractive candidates on the job market.

How does the cooperation work exactly?

  • We help schools and businesses to get to know each other (which can be harder than it may seem!);
  • We organize events where students can meet business representatives, who deliver lectures and administer tests;
  • Companies invite students and teachers to practical workshops at their offices and facilities, presenting them with state-of-the-art solutions;
  • We aid businesses in creating company-sponsored classes and support dual education;
  • We support the best with stipends – businesses offer stipends to the best students of, e.g., their company-sponsored classes.

According to the research conducted by our Foundation, 30% of students find themselves studying the wrong specialty. We also know that low job satisfaction is one of the main causes of occupational burnout and many emotional and health problems. We wish to offer the youth a good start. We want them to be able to make wise educational and occupational choices. Therefore, in cooperation with schools, we:

  1. conduct career guidance classes for students;
  2. prepare schools so that they can provide career guidance to their students;
  3. provide training for the staff: psychologists, teachers, and career counselors;
  4. offer post-graduate studies for future career counselors.

Using professional tools, we offer the students the chance to examine their aptitudes and abilities and support schools in professionalizing this process by providing them with expertise on the education and job markets. We support parents so that they can aid their children in making the right choices. Our offer includes training sessions, lectures, and educational materials.


Our Foundation organizes workshops for children to teach them, in a fairytale way, that many goals can only be achieved through mutual acceptance, cooperation, and communication. We hold workshops for children as young as four years old, both in Polish and English.

Our goal, in broad terms, is to develop children. The activities are conducted by qualified psychologists and advisors in properly selected age groups. The program is under the patronage of the Education Office.

Please contact us if you are interested in working together.