For Talents


Developing a Talent requires hard work and, often, funds. Therefore, we have created the TALENTS Program and the accompanying Scholarship Fund for Talents. We wish to help people with enthusiasm and passion for what they do. We support those who prove they are worth the effort by displaying drive and commitment.


For a long time, we searched for an appropriate way to support talented individuals. We organized sponsorship offers, tried to provide them with education on how they can raise funds for their development. However, we were not satisfied with the results. Finally, we managed to launch an exceptional initiative – the Scholarship Fund for Talents.

The idea for the Fund was conceived in order to provide financial support to individuals with drive and willingness to follow their passion for science, music, and sports. Too often are great dreams abandoned due to lack of funds. And since Talents – gifted, motivated, and committed individuals – are close to our hearts, we wish to help them overcome this roadblock.

The Fund is nationwide and operates all year round. Anyone can help: private donors – by transferring even a symbolic amount to our account, and companies – by funding scholarships for Talents. We also raise funds from the 1% Tax Donation program (we are a Public Benefit Organization). You can find the Fund’s Terms and Conditions HERE.


Since 2010 we have been encouraging young music producers to develop their abilities. Participating in our workshops enables them to gather knowledge and develop artistically. First and foremost, it gives them the opportunity to learn from the best. It also enables them to interact, exchange information, and obtain valuable equipment. As rewards we’ve had Ableton Live, APS speakers, studio visits with the teachers. And we’ll have more. But it’s not about rewards.

Our Foundation was inspired to engage in the development of music producers and organize the first edition of workshops by Jacek Brodziak and Maciej Zambon. The first workshops were prepared and delivered by a young producer, Bartosz Szczęsny, currently a member of the band Rebeka. Later workshops were made possible by the cooperation with Mariusz Harmasz as part of the Sounds for Freedom festival that he organized. Since 2012 we have been supported by Kris Górski and APS.