For NGOs

In order to support other foundations and associations in their activities aimed at achieving a better tomorrow, we have developed a system of NGO professionalization.


How can we be of service to your Organization?

  1. by recruiting a staff of outstanding and effective volunteers as part of the Volunteering Reinvented initiative.
  2. by evaluating the skills of future fundraisers. The tool we have developed will enable you to find out whether you are an effective fundraiser or if there is one in your team.
  3. by offering individual consultations on fundraising. The consultations are conducted once per month, free of charge

For years we have helped businesses recruit talented young individuals. In 2016, one of our partner foundations asked us if we could do for them what we do for companies. This proved to be a wonderful source of inspiration. Volunteering, like internships and training, is a way of gathering work experience for young people. Which happens to be in line with our goals and mission. This is how the Volunteering Reinvented initiative started.

As NGOs we have more freedom than companies when it comes to employment – the law allows us to use free help. Notwithstanding, this does not mean that any person declaring their willingness to offer us their time is right for our organization. What makes a good volunteer is engagement, motivation, and professional approach to commitments and obligations, regardless of the lack of financial gratification.

And what does volunteering have in store for the volunteers? It allows them to acquire and develop skills and competencies, while learning the legal and administrative inner workings of their favorite organization. Through social engagement, volunteers can not only help others, but also develop themselves, regardless of age. Many decide to stay in NGOs for the rest of their lives.


To find out how your traits, attitude, knowledge, and skills fit into the profile of an ideal fundraiser, we invite you to take the test: fill out the questionnaire.

This tool is meant for individuals managing non-governmental organizations or working in fundraising. It may also be worthwhile to take the test if you are planning to work in these areas. The test consists of 25 multiple choice questions; completing it should take about 15 minutes. Read all questions and answers carefully and select the most appropriate answer. After answering all the questions, you will receive your score and its interpretation.

For more information, read the article Professional fundraiser – competency profile prepared by our psychologist, Irmina Rytlewska.


Fundraising is essential in managing a non-governmental organization. By successfully funding our programs ourselves, we are able to systematically and effectively develop our social activity and to employ and train excellent staff who help us help others.

Once per month, the founder of our Foundation, Anna Korzeniewska, shares her experiences in fundraising. Her specialty is raising funds from institutional donors, mostly businesses. Contact us if you wish to take part.

Periodically, we join forces with our partners – government agencies, NGOs, media – to organize group training sessions on fundraising for NGOs. If this type of initiative is currently underway, you will find it on our home page.