ExcelDay ™ is a social idea initiated in 2017 in Poland by our Foundation. Together with globally recognized brands, we help students and graduates acquire and develop professional competences necessary to enter the labor market.

The project is based on volunteers – people with some experience on the labor market. These are usually employees of our business and social Partners as well as people who want to support this idea in their private time. Their role is to show young people the practical use of a spreadsheet. Together, we fill the diagnosed competency gap.

Long-term effects of the project:
• Supplementing the formal education system with practical skills necessary for young people at the transition stage from education to the labor market.
• Increasing the chances of young people entering the labor market (15-24 is the age group with the highest unemployment rate in Europe according to OECD LaborForce Statistics2017).

More information about the program (Polish only, sorry): www.ExcelDay.pl

Microsoft is an official partner of this program.